Consulting ServicesFlood Mitigation Consulting Services are badly needed in a world besieged by increasing numbers of hurricane force storms, topographical land contour changes brought about by nature as well as man induced forces because of development and construction.

Savannah Flood Protection (SFP) has extensive experience in solution driven designs and materials testing, brought about by increasing numbers of challenging assignments.  As a result we are well qualified in a niche field of building protection from flood damage.

Consulting ServicesWe are problem-analysis-specialists when it comes to bringing our experience and test-supported product knowledge to bear on floodwater intrusion problems.   We rely on lab testing at our own facility if necessary backed by application specific engineering.

We at SFP hold our clients needs and interests above all others, intent on delivering prompt and well defined services.  We treat our clients needs as if they are our own and to always deliver well defined observations and clear recommendations whenever possible.